Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mare and Sue go on a hike!

East Jackson....our casa is down there somewhere
Sue loves the snow at the top

Mare, her fanny pack and hiking book

beautiful view

Tuesday at the Wort Bluegrass Night

Today was the first time that we went on a real hike!! Sue had to work the morning shift at work and Mare got off work at 5, so they went on a hiking adventure! Sue bought a great trail book showing us all the best trails in the Jackson area....great purchase!! Mags wanted to join in but she had to work :( We went up Josie's Trail which is on the West side of town. It was about a 2.4 mile hike to the top and since were new at was pretty tough. We stopped semi-frequently for water breaks. But...the view at the top was awesome! You could see some Tetons, the East and West side of Jackson, and even another little town but we werent sure what it was.

On Tuesday night Sue, Mare, and Mags were to The Wort Hotel (where Sue and Mags work) and listened in on Bluegrass night at the Silver Dollar Grill. It was so much fun and the music was great! We saw some serious dancing. who knows....maybe someday one of us will become fancy bluegrass dancers like some of the locals around here. Tomorrow, Mare and Mags have the day off and Sue gets off work at 2:00 so were going to do something fun after that! Im sure we will take pictures! Ta ta for now....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day at Rendezvous Mountain!

Today was a wonderful day!! We tried to go up to the top of Snow King mountain (which is right outside our front door) but the lifts are still closed. So, we decided to go to Teton Village and ride the aerial tram up to the top of Rendezvous Mountain. The tram is brand new for the 08/09 season. It rises up 4,139 feet in 9 minutes and can carry up to 100 people. It was like an oversized gondola. So we went to the top hoping to hike down but we were unable to because there was still so much snow at the top. It was freezing but absolutely beautiful. We met a guy at the top that said this was his second most beautiful spot in the world. We hiked around the places we were allowed for a little while and took lots of pictures. Then we went back down and had a wonderful lunch. We hope to hike down the mountain when it opens in a few weeks!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello from Jackson! We are having our first days of not good weather. It has been beautiful and sunny everyday till yesterday. It didn't actually rain, but it looks today like it probably will. Not too much has been happening. Suzanne is getting worked pretty hard, but that shouldn't last too much longer, and Mary is helping out at Cache Creek (the place we used to live). The babysitting orientation got moved up, so we are going to that on Tuesday, and will hopefully be babysitting a lot!

So the police here are pretty strict with bikers. We've had a lot of people tell us that if you bike at night without a headlight and backlight you will easily get pulled over and ticketed. SOooo since we ride our bikes everywhere, we went to KMart and bought lights for our bikes. It was pretty funny, we feel kinda dorky, but I guess it's better than getting a ticket. Wish you could have seen Mary and Maggie installing was pretty funny. Last night, Maggie and Mary Kathryn made stuffed peppers for dinner (Suze was working, but she wouldn't have liked them anyway). They were sooo yummy! Then a few friends came over and hung out at our house with us. It was fun. We are hoping to do something fun tomorrow for Memorial Day. No one has to work, so we are hopefully going to go out on the water or do something fun outside if the weather permits!

Well that's just a little update. Not too much exciting happening right now. We miss everyone!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sorry for not updating!

Hi all! sorry its been so long since we've blogged. Not too much has really been going on. Suzanne has been working like crazy and Mare and Mags have still been searching! We had some visitors over the past few days. Maggie's boyfriend and 5 of his friends came through town on their 40 ft. RV. They stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night and we've had fun hanging out with them. We went to a restaurant bar about a mile down our street on Tuesday night with them and made some new friends in the process (of course). The next day was kind of a lazy day full of laying on the couch and job searching a little more. We watched a basketball game with them and hung out. It was really fun!

Today, Maggie went to Yellowstone with the boys and Mare and Sue stayed around town and actually had a job interview at the Cadillac which is a busy restaurant bar in the middle of town. Mare got the job to serve and she should start training next week! Sue us still debating since she already has a job at the Silver Dollar. Mare also got a job at the Cache Creek Motel working the front desk and she starts tomorrow morning (I think its a temp job just until she finds something else).

We also went and got our money back from the Cache Creek today! Thank goodness! Sorry there are no pics this time! Mare's camera card is on the fritz so she might have to buy a new one (once she has money) and Maggie isnt here at the moment so none there. Promise to update again soon!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Condo" (Motel) vs. The Palace

We moved today!! FINALLY!! We got a call from Leda this morning at 6:15 and she made a deal with us so we could get out of the Cache Creek Motel. Oh my we were relieved! The motel (or "condo" as we would say when people asked us where we lived) was wayyyy to small for 3 of us and we couldn't even imagine how packed it would be when Claire moved in. All we had was a hanging bar and 2 drawers, not each, total. So Suz went off to work at 7am (she was not a happy camper) and Mary and Magz (being the awesome friends they are!!) packed up the motel and moved us to our new home!! Its absolutely wonderful. Its 6 blocks from town square. It has 3 rooms with huge closets and dressers in each room (luxuries we did not have at the motel). There is a "sun room", a huge living room. a kitchen table, big kitchem, washer and dryer and lots of extra closets. We are soooo lucky to have found this place! Jan and Mark, the people who we are renting from, have been more than helpful. They cleaned the entire place many times and stocked it with clean towels and sheets. She is so nice! She felt bad because she forgot to buy coffee filters for us. And, there are some girls a year younger than us moving in next door sometime soon. We are thrilled to be out of the motel!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another new day....

Suzanne got a job today!! Mags and Mare are still on the prowl. Its not easy to find a job when you're leaving in two and a half months but im sure that we will figure something out.

After some job hunting today, we searched for a new place to live...I dont know if we've explained where we live but its not exactly great. Right now there are three of us living in a motel room (its supposed to be non-smoking but it stinks of cigarettes) with 2 queen beds, one dresser (with 2 drawers) and no closet. It has a bathroom and there is a small kitchenette and couch....thats about it. We thought it would be fine but weve been told that for the price we're paying here we can find a better place....and we did! We found a great place and the woman leasing it (Jan) fell in love with us and told us that we could have 6 girls in her 3 bedroom condo! It's amazing....fully furnished, all utilities paid for, direcTV, and it sits right at the bottom of Snow King Mountain which has a beautiful view. We would also be living next door to some girls from North Carolina who are only a year younger than us (right now, we live next door to the Manager of our hotel). She is also going to let us sign the lease for 2 months!!! Were trying to negotiate and get out of our motel right now...we'll let you know how it all goes.

Later in the afternoon, we met our friend Andy and walked downtown with him and 2 dogs and got a late lunch at a great bagel shop...i have a feeling we will frequent that place because its delicious.

Then Suz had to go to work so Maggie and I decided to go on a hike/bike ride. We got so tired on the way to the trail that we just biked back home but we saw some great scenery and got some exercise! Everything here is BEAUTIFUL (except for Cache Creek Motel).

Dont have any plans for the night. We were going to make Poppey Seed Chicken but just realized that its almost 8pm. Where does the time go???

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Floating the Snake River- AMAZING!!

After our job interviews, we met up with our new friends from last night, and they took us to float the Snake River. It flows through Teton National Park, and flows right by the Grand Teton Mountains. Our friend, Mark, has a boat, so we put it in the river and it took us about 2-3 hours to float down. It was one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. The mountains are absolutely stunning. Different than any mountains I have ever seen. It was a great way to start off our summer in Jackson!

After we got back, we grilled out at Mark and Andy's house. Andy made some incredible hamburgers that had jalopenos, bell peppers, and onions in them. They were great. And we made sausage dip for them which they have never had. They were shocked we knew how to cook...apparently Wyoming girls do not do much of that. They all swore they were going to marry southern girls after our cooking.

Well we are off to bed. It has been an extremely long day! But we are having such a good time. More job hunting tomorrow! We will keep you updated.

We made friends!!

We went out on the town last night! We went to dinner at the Snake River Brewery for dinner which was delicious and really cool. They brew all of their beer and it was great! After that, we rode our bikes to this small bar called the Cadillac to hang out and we were hoping to make some friends...which we did! We were sitting at a table alone for a good 45 minutes when some guys came up to us. They told us that we stuck out like a soar thumb because we weren't talking to anyone else....haha! They also call us the "90 day wonderers" because people from the south come out here all the time for the summer but we're apparently the first to arrive. They were really nice and work as fishing guides around town. They called us this morning and were going to go float down the Snake River with them today. Should be great! They said they would take us right in front of the Tetons which im sure will be beautiful.

Also...WE GOT AN INTERVIEW!!! Were going in for an interview today at the Silver Dollar Restaurant. Wish us luck!!