Monday, May 18, 2009

Another new day....

Suzanne got a job today!! Mags and Mare are still on the prowl. Its not easy to find a job when you're leaving in two and a half months but im sure that we will figure something out.

After some job hunting today, we searched for a new place to live...I dont know if we've explained where we live but its not exactly great. Right now there are three of us living in a motel room (its supposed to be non-smoking but it stinks of cigarettes) with 2 queen beds, one dresser (with 2 drawers) and no closet. It has a bathroom and there is a small kitchenette and couch....thats about it. We thought it would be fine but weve been told that for the price we're paying here we can find a better place....and we did! We found a great place and the woman leasing it (Jan) fell in love with us and told us that we could have 6 girls in her 3 bedroom condo! It's amazing....fully furnished, all utilities paid for, direcTV, and it sits right at the bottom of Snow King Mountain which has a beautiful view. We would also be living next door to some girls from North Carolina who are only a year younger than us (right now, we live next door to the Manager of our hotel). She is also going to let us sign the lease for 2 months!!! Were trying to negotiate and get out of our motel right now...we'll let you know how it all goes.

Later in the afternoon, we met our friend Andy and walked downtown with him and 2 dogs and got a late lunch at a great bagel shop...i have a feeling we will frequent that place because its delicious.

Then Suz had to go to work so Maggie and I decided to go on a hike/bike ride. We got so tired on the way to the trail that we just biked back home but we saw some great scenery and got some exercise! Everything here is BEAUTIFUL (except for Cache Creek Motel).

Dont have any plans for the night. We were going to make Poppey Seed Chicken but just realized that its almost 8pm. Where does the time go???

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