Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Condo" (Motel) vs. The Palace

We moved today!! FINALLY!! We got a call from Leda this morning at 6:15 and she made a deal with us so we could get out of the Cache Creek Motel. Oh my we were relieved! The motel (or "condo" as we would say when people asked us where we lived) was wayyyy to small for 3 of us and we couldn't even imagine how packed it would be when Claire moved in. All we had was a hanging bar and 2 drawers, not each, total. So Suz went off to work at 7am (she was not a happy camper) and Mary and Magz (being the awesome friends they are!!) packed up the motel and moved us to our new home!! Its absolutely wonderful. Its 6 blocks from town square. It has 3 rooms with huge closets and dressers in each room (luxuries we did not have at the motel). There is a "sun room", a huge living room. a kitchen table, big kitchem, washer and dryer and lots of extra closets. We are soooo lucky to have found this place! Jan and Mark, the people who we are renting from, have been more than helpful. They cleaned the entire place many times and stocked it with clean towels and sheets. She is so nice! She felt bad because she forgot to buy coffee filters for us. And, there are some girls a year younger than us moving in next door sometime soon. We are thrilled to be out of the motel!!!

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