Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mare and Sue go on a hike!

East Jackson....our casa is down there somewhere
Sue loves the snow at the top

Mare, her fanny pack and hiking book

beautiful view

Tuesday at the Wort Bluegrass Night

Today was the first time that we went on a real hike!! Sue had to work the morning shift at work and Mare got off work at 5, so they went on a hiking adventure! Sue bought a great trail book showing us all the best trails in the Jackson area....great purchase!! Mags wanted to join in but she had to work :( We went up Josie's Trail which is on the West side of town. It was about a 2.4 mile hike to the top and since were new at was pretty tough. We stopped semi-frequently for water breaks. But...the view at the top was awesome! You could see some Tetons, the East and West side of Jackson, and even another little town but we werent sure what it was.

On Tuesday night Sue, Mare, and Mags were to The Wort Hotel (where Sue and Mags work) and listened in on Bluegrass night at the Silver Dollar Grill. It was so much fun and the music was great! We saw some serious dancing. who knows....maybe someday one of us will become fancy bluegrass dancers like some of the locals around here. Tomorrow, Mare and Mags have the day off and Sue gets off work at 2:00 so were going to do something fun after that! Im sure we will take pictures! Ta ta for now....

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