Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sorry for not updating!

Hi all! sorry its been so long since we've blogged. Not too much has really been going on. Suzanne has been working like crazy and Mare and Mags have still been searching! We had some visitors over the past few days. Maggie's boyfriend and 5 of his friends came through town on their 40 ft. RV. They stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night and we've had fun hanging out with them. We went to a restaurant bar about a mile down our street on Tuesday night with them and made some new friends in the process (of course). The next day was kind of a lazy day full of laying on the couch and job searching a little more. We watched a basketball game with them and hung out. It was really fun!

Today, Maggie went to Yellowstone with the boys and Mare and Sue stayed around town and actually had a job interview at the Cadillac which is a busy restaurant bar in the middle of town. Mare got the job to serve and she should start training next week! Sue us still debating since she already has a job at the Silver Dollar. Mare also got a job at the Cache Creek Motel working the front desk and she starts tomorrow morning (I think its a temp job just until she finds something else).

We also went and got our money back from the Cache Creek today! Thank goodness! Sorry there are no pics this time! Mare's camera card is on the fritz so she might have to buy a new one (once she has money) and Maggie isnt here at the moment so none there. Promise to update again soon!!

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  1. Mare is staying at Cache Creek. its good money, easy, and good hours! come visit us people!!