Sunday, May 17, 2009

We made friends!!

We went out on the town last night! We went to dinner at the Snake River Brewery for dinner which was delicious and really cool. They brew all of their beer and it was great! After that, we rode our bikes to this small bar called the Cadillac to hang out and we were hoping to make some friends...which we did! We were sitting at a table alone for a good 45 minutes when some guys came up to us. They told us that we stuck out like a soar thumb because we weren't talking to anyone else....haha! They also call us the "90 day wonderers" because people from the south come out here all the time for the summer but we're apparently the first to arrive. They were really nice and work as fishing guides around town. They called us this morning and were going to go float down the Snake River with them today. Should be great! They said they would take us right in front of the Tetons which im sure will be beautiful.

Also...WE GOT AN INTERVIEW!!! Were going in for an interview today at the Silver Dollar Restaurant. Wish us luck!!


  1. you three are wasting no time! i love it!

  2. the thumbs up guy in the middle looks like one of the rugby players from vegas....ha...are you sure he's not australian?