Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello from Jackson! We are having our first days of not good weather. It has been beautiful and sunny everyday till yesterday. It didn't actually rain, but it looks today like it probably will. Not too much has been happening. Suzanne is getting worked pretty hard, but that shouldn't last too much longer, and Mary is helping out at Cache Creek (the place we used to live). The babysitting orientation got moved up, so we are going to that on Tuesday, and will hopefully be babysitting a lot!

So the police here are pretty strict with bikers. We've had a lot of people tell us that if you bike at night without a headlight and backlight you will easily get pulled over and ticketed. SOooo since we ride our bikes everywhere, we went to KMart and bought lights for our bikes. It was pretty funny, we feel kinda dorky, but I guess it's better than getting a ticket. Wish you could have seen Mary and Maggie installing was pretty funny. Last night, Maggie and Mary Kathryn made stuffed peppers for dinner (Suze was working, but she wouldn't have liked them anyway). They were sooo yummy! Then a few friends came over and hung out at our house with us. It was fun. We are hoping to do something fun tomorrow for Memorial Day. No one has to work, so we are hopefully going to go out on the water or do something fun outside if the weather permits!

Well that's just a little update. Not too much exciting happening right now. We miss everyone!