Sunday, June 7, 2009

White Water Rafting!

Maggie and Suzanne got to go for a free white water rafting trip! The hotel we work for sends a lot of customers to Jackson Hole Whitewater so they gave us a free trip! We went rafting down the Snake River. It was so much fun! And beautiful scenery of course, as with everywhere. We went with two guys we work with, Anthony and Peter (a bellman and server). There were 12 of us on the raft, so 2 people didn't have to paddle. Suze sat right in the middle of the raft like a princess along for the ride. Little did she know that meant she was going to get soaked with 40 degree water! Even with the wet suits on, it was still freezing. She definitely got drenched the most out of anyone else on the raft. It was funny.

Maggie sat on the side and paddled as hard as she could, but considering how short her arms are, sometimes the paddle hardly reached the water.

It was a great time! Our guide was awesome, and the river is extremely high/fast right now because the amount of rain and the time of year. So we hit some big rapids going real fast! We loved it and are looking forward to going again later in the summer, when the water isn't quite so cold! Come visit us and we will take you all!!!!

Oh, and Cegie got into town Friday night! We have been having so much fun. The weather has been super rainy though so that stinks. Hopefully it will get better...supposedly it may snow tonight. We are hoping this is not true. We don't do well with snow. May have to call in sick to work tomorrow if it is snowing!

And this is the mastiff that stays at Jackson Hole whitewater! She belongs to the owner. She was precious! And HUGE!

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