Thursday, June 11, 2009


The "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"

The Lower Falls

Suz and Cegie at the Lower Falls

The Upper Falls

Buffalo just holding up traffic

Yellowstone Lake

Waiting on Ole Faithful

In front of the sign at the South entrance

Yesterday Mare, Sue, Heloise, Loren and Cegie made a trip to Yellowstone National Park. We left Jackson around 10:30am and arrived at the park around noon-ish. The park is one of the most beautiful places EVER! We went straight to Ole Faithful and waited for her eruption. Unfortunately, the weather was kind of cloudy and gray so her water and steam flowing up 130 feet into the air was kind of difficult to see. We learned all about how she works from Park Ranger Sam Holbrook who gave us a 10 minute talk before and after the eruption. He was a junior high school teacher who has been working at Yellowstone every summer for 42 years!! We also walked around the other springs at Ole Faithful and checked out some of the other springs in the area. Sam told us that of the 600 hot springs throughout the world, Yellowstone holds over 400 of them!

After out adventure to Ole Faithful, we went to the upper and lower falls which were the coolest things ive ever seen! We started up at the upper falls which were really beautiful. Then, we went and saw the lower falls which were AMAZING!! The pictures do it no justice. Yellowstone is so large that one day is not even close to enough time to spend there. Hopefully soon we can camp out and spend more time there. The only downfall is that we didnt see a bear or a moose!! But, we did see a whole bunch of elk and buffalo! Horeseback riding on Thursday....


  1. mk i dont think i want you to see a bear!

  2. I second what erin said. Try to see a bear from the safety of your car.